Mogali Rekulu Story Update Episode 1358 – 10th May

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Episode 1358 – May 10th Voice Update:

Episode 1358 – May 10th story:

Part 1:

Eshwar and Durga keep checking the editing of Mogali rekulu title song along with Editor Raam.

Story is given a leap of 2 months.

RK calls Satya and says a special officer is coming to Hyderabad and as they cannot be put anywhere else, he asks if they can stay at Satya’s home for a couple of days. Satya says they can stay as many days as they wants and RK says they will be there by next morning 10 and hangs up.

Satya keeps waiting for the special officer and Sindhu too is at home saying she has night shoot that day. She asks why Satya is at home and Satya says as RK said, he should take special care so was there at home to welcome the officer and will go after settling them at home. Devi gives them a sudden surprise saying she came here on the way back from Chilukur temple as she felt an urge to see Sindhu. Sindhu hugs her and gives her juice and Satya asks how her health is. Devi says she is fine.

Police jeeps arrive and Satya, Devi and Sindhu go out to welcome the officer. Pallavi gets down in uniform and everyone surprises.

Part 2:

Satya’s eyes well up with tears on seeing Pallavi in uniform. Pallavi goes to him and touches his feet and Satya hugs her saying he is so proud of her.

RK keeps waiting in his room in happiness.

Sindhu, Devi too hug Pallavi and congratulate her and Sindhu says to Satya that Pallavi wanted to give a surprise so they had to hide from him. Satya calls RK and RK ask has our ACP come. Satya says he is so proud of her and RK says he is proud too. Satya thanks RK and hangs up.

Mahi comes there and congratulates Pallavi. Pallavi salutes and they both give a hi-five and Sindhu says now Pallavi has to go to surprise Durga and for that she is waiting from morning by postponing shooting.

Sindhu and Devi go to Sindhu’s room and Devi says she is so proud of Pallavi for being IPS and about Sindhu for being a writer and director and says girls should be like them daring and dynamic. Sindhu corrects her for saying them and includes Devi too asking after delivery wouldn’t she handover baby to Shanti and takeover AHS. Devi says after delivery she will and baby just then moves in the womb. Devi lets out a cry and Sindhu says that’s baby’s approval for Devi to work after delivery and they both smile and Devi blushes.

Part 3:

Pallavi comes to Selva’s home and greets Paati who is in the hall. Paati wonders seeing Pallavi and Pallavi bends to take her blessings. Selva comes and Pallavi take blessings from him too. Selva says he is feeling very happy to see her so and Pallavi asks for Durga. Selva says he is in his room and asks her to go.

Pallavi goes to his room and pokes sleeping Durga with her baton and taunts him for sleeping till afternoon. Durga wakes up with a start on realizing it’s not a dream and lifts Pallavi and rotates her.

Durga says she is looking great in the uniform more than he visualized. Pallavi thanks him and asks how his serial is going on. Durga says he is enjoying a lot and Pallavi asks if with heroines and says if he sees them, she will book a case on them and throw in lockup. Durga laughs and says they will be away from him if he introduces Pallavi as his fiancée. Pallavi saying that’s better holds him and says she loves him. Durga says he loves her too and kisses on her head. Pallavi says her first posting is in Warangal. Durga gets sad and says he won’t let her go and will come along with her. She asks about his serial and Durga says he will drop it. Pallavi says it’s his career and he shouldn’t drop it and it’s for a few months only and she will be coming in weekends and also RK said he will try to get her posted in Hyderabad soon. Durga agrees half-heartedly and smiles after Pallavi’s convincing. Screen freezes on Pallavi & Durga.

Coming up:
Selva – Sindhu – Paati phone call.


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