Bigg Boss Telugu 5, November 12, highlights: From Shanmukh-Sunny-Siri’s ugly fight to Ravi becoming the new captain, major events at a glance

Posted : November 13, 2021 at 9:49 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Ravi returned Kajal’s money and asked for a tip instead. Kajal asked if it was his secret task.
Bigg Boss announced the conclusion of the task and added that their respective money will be counted the next day.
Shanmukh, Siri and Ravi discussed the worst performer of the task.
Anee awarded Shanmukh the ‘Kitchen Champion of the week’ title and cheque of worth Rs. 25000.
Sunny, Maanas, and Kajal thought Ravi and Sreerama Chandra were dull during the task. Bigg Boss asked both BB Hotel staff and guests their respective money reserves. The staff could collect just Rs. 9500 while the guests had Rs. 5400 left.
Bigg Boss said the guests won the task as the staff failed to collect Rs 15000/-. Ravi explained his secret task to the housemates. Ravi was chosen as the first captaincy contender. Bigg Boss appreciated the hotel staff and gave them the power to vote for two contestants from the team of guests who can’t participate in the captaincy task.
Anee chose Maanas and Priyanka to get disqualified from the captaincy race citing a few reasons. This led to a heated debate between the contestants.
Ravi, Siri, Sunny, and Kajal were chosen as the captaincy contenders.
Captaincy task:
Each contender had to make a tower and ensure it is safeguarded. The rest of the housemates can guard the tower of their favourite contestant while the contenders threw balls at their opponent’s towers. A contender with a tower of lesser height was eliminated after every round.
Anee was the Sanchalak of the task. Kajal got eliminated in the first round.
Kajal tickled Anee as the latter guarded Ravi’s tower. This led to a huge argument between Anee and Kajal. Siri stopped Sunny from throwing balls. Sunny was out in the second round. Sunny and Maanas were disappointed that Priyanka’s saree was the reason behind the collapse of Sunny’s tower.
Sunny and Siri engaged in a verbal spat. Shanmukh intervened and this led to a major fight between him and Sunny. Maanas and Ravi engaged in a spat too.
Sunny picked an argument with Anee. Later, Kajal and Anee had a heated argument. They kept shouting at each other at the top of their lungs. Anee mocked Kajal.
Sunny and Shanmukh engage in a war of words yet again.
Siri lashed out at Sunny for the latter’s comments. Kajal and Anee also argued and .Siri lost her cool, too.
Ravi became the new captain of the house.


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