Exclusive Interview with Bigg Boss contestant Priya

Posted : October 27, 2021 at 2:31 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Shailaja Priya, popularly known as Priya, is one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. After completing her 50 days’ journey in the house, the popular actress got evicted in Sunday’s episode.

Priya started her acting career as early as 19, and has starred in various Telugu and Hindi films. She shared screen space with a star-studded list of co-stars like Megastar Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh and Nagarjuna.

Now, spoke to Priya after her elimination, and we are publishing exclusive details she revealed to us.

Hi Priya, You are already a big star. Why did you choose Bigg Boss show?

No (laughing), I’m not a big star. I’m a normal character artist and I feel I don’t deserve the tagline as ‘Big star’. Working with top actors doesn’t make me a big star. But as a character artist, I did influential roles and got recognition among the audience.

Do you feel Bigg Boss will help to boost your career?

I’m hoping that the BB show will definitely help my career. To be honest, I haven’t been featured in any interviews and introduced my true self to people before. People know me as a character artist. But they never know what Priya actually is in real life. Even I don’t know about myself. I never got an opportunity to explore myself and get to know myself. Bigg Boss is an attempt to know me more.

What could be the reason for your elimination?

Maybe I failed to satisfy people. It’s not like I made a mistake and got evicted from the show. What people saw on TV was only one hour show, which actually happened in 24 hours time around 70+ cameras. I don’t know what the audience understood in that one hour time. They may not like the way I was portrayed in the show. I feel that I failed to entertain the viewers and reach their expectations.

You had a heated argument with VJ Sunny in the eggs task. Have you spoken to him and fixed it later?

Yes, it was solved. Sunny and I were friends from the beginning. My first connection in the house was with Sunny. Even in our first conversation, he said I’m his crush. I feel that he may have got influenced by other housemates. I have nothing against him. While I’m leaving the BB house, Sunny gave me an eye mask and I’m using it even now. We fight in a funny way and there are no conflicts between us.

Who are influencing other contestants in the house?

As far as I know, Kajal is the only person to influence others. I think she is influencing Sunny’s game. Not only me, but everyone can understand her game plan very well. I told the same to Kajal and advised her to play carefully.

Who is the least deserving person in the house?

Lobo is the least deserving. He can’t take a proper stand and easily gives up on the tasks. I think he doesn’t have an exact idea about the game.

If given a wildcard opportunity, will you re-enter the show?

I would love to re-enter the show. I feel very honoured to do so.

Who is your top 5?

Priyanaka, Shanmukh, Maanas, Sreeram and Ravi.

Among the above 5, whom do you want to see lifting the trophy?

I am ok with anyone among them. But I will be happy if Priyanka lifts the trophy.

After coming out of the house, who do you miss most?

Of course, Priyanka. Even today I cried thinking about her. Honestly, I also miss Sunny, as he occupied my brain in the house. I’m missing our funny fights.

Wanted to do things differently in any incident?

Yes, I felt like that in the eggs task. I repeatedly uttered a word. Actually, that was not me. But to be honest, that’s not how I behave. I don’t know someone may have provoked me. But it is human nature to get provoked. I’m not saying who is right and who is wrong, but that word which I used against Sunny disturbed me a lot. I felt I shouldn’t have used it. It was the situation that led us to a heated argument. I feel very sorry for what happened and even in the captaincy task; I wanted to support Sunny.

Have you achieved something through this show or feel incomplete?

I didn’t get a feeling of achievement. I feel incomplete, as I was eliminated at a time when I was developing a bond with the housemates. I wanted to know my housemates more and have a good harmony with them. If I stayed more in the house, I feel that my equations with the other contestants will be good. I have the satisfaction that people started loving the real me. So far, people loved me for my performance on screen. But, with this show, they get to know the real Priya, which is a big achievement for me.

After the show, with whom do you want to continue your friendship?

If it is possible, I want to continue my bonding with all the contestants of Season 5. My rapo will continue with everyone. But I think Maanas and Priyanka will be friends for life. As Sunny is close to Maanas, I expect Sunny to join our group.

Did Bigg Boss house teach you something? Have you noticed any changes after taking part in the show?

I was in my comfort zone all these days. But after entering the BB house, I went out of it and learned how to live my life with limited resources. The show gave me the confidence that I can survive anywhere and head back home safely.

Enjoying the Bigg Boss popularity?

Actually, I haven’t gone into public yet. I was busy with an event in my family. I take this popularity positively and wish to help people with it.

Have you signed any new projects before or after the BB show?

No, I completed all my projects before entering the show. A movie team approached me recently, but I haven’t given my nod yet.

Thank you for the time, Priya. wishes you all the best for your future.

Thank You so much.


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