Konda Polam Is Like DDLJ And Baahubali: Rakul Preet Singh

Posted : October 6, 2021 at 7:24 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

After the blockbuster movie like Uppena, Mega Sensation Panja Vaishnav Tej is playing the hero in a film titled Kondapolam which is an action and adventure. Directed by creative director Krish, Rakul Preet Singh plays the heroine in this film which will have a grand release on October 8. Ahead of the film’s release, here is a chit-chat with Rakul Preet Singh.

About her character:

I have played the roles of a village girl in many movies like Current Teega, Rarandoi Veduka Choodhham, Khaki, etc. But Konda Polam is in the backdrop of a hill and my character is very different. I play a shepherd and my skin was tanned for this role. Thanks to Krish for giving me this character believing that I can do it.

Weight-Loss for the film:

I have not lost any weight for Kondapolam. I toned down for the movie De De Pyar De. I have been doing the same weight maintenance for the last four years. Krish came home to tell the story. At that time I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Krish got excited and said I am the girl he is looking for. I really liked the movie story in the middle of the narration. A film like this has never happened before in Indian cinema. A film about the Shepherds and a movie like the Mini Jungle Book are very interesting. That’s why I immediately said OK to this story.

Dialogues in the film:

I found it very difficult to speak in a particular dialect. We also tried a lot for my look. They all wear the same clothes. Don’t even wear jewelry too much. It is very difficult to control those sheep in the forest. I, Vaishnav both worked very hard. Every day after the shoot, we would smell sheep. After four and a half days of the shooting start, we came to know how to control the sheep.

Shooting In Jungle:

Acting in the jungle seemed so exciting. We are at home due to lockdown. Shooting in the woods after that seemed like a lot of fun. I shot this movie before I got infected with Corona. The film was almost completed on a single schedule.

We were staying at a resort in Vikarabad. There is no permission to shoot at night. That’s why we had to shoot in the morning. Our caravans were somewhere on the road. We are shooting in the forest. It felt like trekking to get there at lunchtime. So my workouts would also be done. That’s why I go to a place so far away from every day and eat.

Completing The Shooting in Record Time:

Due to Krish’s idea and planning, we completed the shooting on time. We used to shoot rain scenes when it rained. We all really enjoyed those roles as well.

About Vaishnav Tej:

Vaishnav Tej’s eyes are very powerful. He has a great future. He is very patient. There is no such thing as overconfidence. He also has a huge quest to learn new things.

Dubbing for the film:

I could not say dubbing since I am busy shooting for another film. I tried to dub but could not. The audience will love the character of Obulamma very much. It is one character that will be remembered for the rest of my life. I was shown very beautifully in this movie. The movie is easy to watch but it is very difficult to shoot. It is difficult to walk in the forest wearing lehenga.

Future Projects:

I am not going to choose films with songs and a few scenes. I want to do only challenging roles. That is why I am selective. The Kondapolam movie and the character excited me. That’s why I agreed. I will continue to choose films as such. It is not like I am preferring Bollywood. I am doing films wherever I get good roles.

OTT Plans:

OTT offers are also coming. But I am yet to sign one. If I did any OTT Project, I think it should definitely be path-breaking. I am also interested to do female-oriented films. Excellent content is coming in OTT. There is no truth in the news that I am doing Karanam Malleshwari Biopic.

About Bollywood:

I am currently busy with Bollywood projects. I am staying in Mumbai now. My entire team is Telugu people and we all speak in Telugu itself. Six films of mine are set to be released next year. We have to see how their result will be.

There is no such thing as my dream role. I want to do at least one film which the audience will remember for their lifetime. Maybe something like Baahubali or DDLJ. I think Konda Polam is one such film.

About The Producer:

Producer Rajiv Reddy is very good and is a silent man. He does not talk too much but he notices everything. Krish is also the producer of the film. Both of them share the work. I am so happy to be working with them.


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