Naa Nuvve Movie Review

Posted : June 14, 2018 at 6:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Naa Nuvve
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Thamannah
Directed by: Jayendra
Produced by: Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijaykumar
Music by: Sharreth
Release Date: 14th June
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Naa Nuvve Movie Review


In Naa Nuvve mass hero Kalyan Ram plays a lover boy for a change. Although Kalyan Ram’s styling and look are impressive, the film fails to fulfill his wish to score a hit. Naa Nuvve is directed by Jayendra who uses age old love vs. destiny theme to present Kalyan Ram as a romantic.


A book somehow follows Meera (Tamanna) and finally reaches her home. She finally opens it to find a photo. The guy in the photo turns out to be her lucky charm. One day she discovers the mystery man named Varun (Kalyan Ram) and tells her story to him. He is a non-believer of destiny and puts a test to her love. Will Meera succeed the test with the help of her destiny? What’s in store for the couple after that?


Kalyan Ram looks his handsomest best in the film. He pulls off the lover boy character with ease. There are some instances where he appears stiff and out of place, but on a whole it is a commendable show by the actor in spite of coming out of his comfort zone. Tamanna is eye pleasingly glamorous as Meera. Her honest portrayal of Meera is one of the plus points of this otherwise boring film. Supporting cast has many familiar faces but none gets a notable role. All the comedians have been wasted and seasoned actors like Tanikella Bharani go overboard with their act.


Director Jayendra picks up a plot that is as old as hills. It could have been engaging with a good screenplay, but Naa Nuvve treads the predictable path right from the beginning and continues to be mediocre all the way. Jayendra’s imaginations and visual sense also seem outdated and doesn’t look contemporary at all. He couldn’t make use of a good technical crew too.

A couple of melodies are good, but Sharreth’s background score is not in sync with the proceedings. Cinematography by PC Sriram stands out in songs and indoor scenes. Editor has kept the runtime short, but still it feels like watching a three hour long film. Production values are decent.

Thumbs Up:

Tamanna’s glamour

A couple of songs

Thumbs Down:

Routine plot

Predictable screenplay

Unbearable second half


A Radio Jockey camping in a railway station for 36 hours on Valentine’s Day to share her love story with the listeners sets the tone for Naa Nuvve… outdated! Gone are the days where audience used to fall in love with fairy tale romances. Director Jayendra somehow convinces three producers and a notable actor and actress with this flimsy story and makes a movie out of it. However, audiences aren’t that naive to entertain themselves with such a weird romance full of artificial moments.

Naa Nuvve that starts on a dull note couldn’t pick up pace at any point. It moves at a sluggish pace and puts the patience to test as it moves forward. Films like these click when the viewers are able to connect with the emotions of the lead characters. But none of Tamanna’s ‘destined love’ moments make sense. They are too cinematic to believe and the emotions are very artificial to impress. There is a chance to pull this flimsy story off with a well written screenplay, but Jayendra fails to come up with one.

Every scene involving the lead pair fails to create any impact and the filler scenes that are supposed to entertain ends up torturing with poorly written dialogue and performances. There is a huge risk in dealing with such stories as the margin for error is too little. You will be ridiculed if you can’t get the scene right and Naa Nuvve director Jayendra faltered time and again. The film is a complete meal for first day first show trolls with many scenes seeming downright stupid and silly.

First half takes an eternity to reach the midpoint and second half is a total slog. Artificiality in second half goes beyond imaginable levels and the movie appears to be forcing the audience to find their nearest exit. The train test and the conclusion are unintentionally funny and will leave you in splits. Pre climax and the conclusion will make you repent for staying till the end and curse your destiny for ending up watching this film. The lead pair tries to put in their best efforts to make this an endearing love story, but all efforts goes in vain due to the director’s outdated ideas.

Naa Nuvve is a film that should appeal to urban youth and family audience, the intelligent section of filmgoers. But this unintelligent and unimaginative film will not be able to impress them. Kalyan Ram should have stick with mass masala that may have ensured guarantee opening from the masses. This turns out to be a bad experiment for the struggling actor.

Verdict: No Love No Logic!

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