RX 100 Movie Review

Posted : July 13, 2018 at 12:26 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
RX 100
Cast: Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Ramky, Rao Ramesh and others
Directed by: Ajay Bhupathi
Produced by: Ashok Reddy
Music by: Karthikeya Creative Works
Release Date: 12th July 2018
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RX 100 Movie Review


RX100 is a low budget film that grabbed eyeballs with bold promos. Excessive skin show and an explosive trailer ensured great openings for the film at box office.


Shiva (Kartikeya) is a village youth who falls for a city bred girl Indu (Payal). They both have gala time with some explosive romance happening, but things don’t turn out as expected. Indu is married to someone else and Shiva waits for her in mad hope of uniting with her. She returns to their village one day, but can Shiva get her back?


Karthikeya is a well built young man who suits the character well. He did a fairly decent job despite a complex character. Payal Rajput is a revelation. Her performance in the latter half of the film stands highlight of RX100. Ramky is good in a well defined character. Rao Ramesh is at his usual best. Remaining star cast is unfamiliar.


Director Ajay Bhupathi tries to deal the story in a raw and rustic fashion. The attempt to give it a realistic feel backfired with incoherent scenes and uneven screenplay. He handled the final act of the film well, but couldn’t keep it interesting in first two acts.

Music by Chaitan is impressive. Camera work is not great but decent. Art director does a good job in getting the setting right. Editing is adequate. Production values are okay.

Thumbs Up:

Rustic look and feel


Final 30 minutes

Thumbs Down:

Uninteresting first hour

Lengthy runtime

Too much gore


RX 100 appears to be a regular love and breakup story, but it packs some surprises that will leave you shell shocked. It is an unconventional love story that doesn’t tread the familiar path. Romance is intense with sexual overtones. It almost looks like a semi porn film at times. Romance scenes are far more intense than that we had seen in Arjun Reddy. However, there is a reason for the director to film the romance scenes in such a way. We cannot spoil the twist by going into those details.

The twist in the tale is definitely an unexpected one, but the director seems to have banked too much on it. First half of the film totally depends upon lip locks and romance that there is hardly any story in it. Second half also runs in a boring fashion until the twist appears. From then on RX 100 looks like an entirely different film. This portion of the film has so much gore and violence. However, the film fails to evoke emotions in spite of a tragic climax. Director fails to make audience connect with the emotions of Shiva.

There is so much potential in RX 100 to become a cult film, but the amateur direction and bad writing forced it to bank upon mass elements like excessive violence and explosive romance. Too much focus on romance and not giving much time to establish characters turns out to be a bad ploy. The climax would have had more impact if the characters are properly etched. However, thanks to the unforeseen twist in the tale, final portions of the film are engaging with the true colors of the characters being exposed. The confrontation between Rao Ramesh and Payal will get huge applause from a section of audience.

RX 100 is a film that does a few things right which should make it a box office success. But poor writing and bad handling will not let the audience to remember it for a long time. The boldness of the director to go against the tide and come up with an unconventional female lead character has to be lauded. Payal Rajput also should be commended for taking up such a role and excelling in it. On a whole, it is a bumpy ride for audience on this RX 100, but its buyers wouldn’t complain as it is packed with scenes that will ensure good collections.

Verdict: Unconventional Romance!

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