Abhishekam Daily Serial – E3178 – 20th Mar

Posted : March 20, 2019 at 10:30 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Show/Serial:Abhishekam Daily Serial
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Vinay overcomes many hurdles in his life. Though he is a family man, he ties the knot with Rekha to fulfill her last wishes. However, Rekha recovers miraculously and enters Vinay's life. ETV Telugu serial Abhishekam started in 2008 and has been running successfully. Watch all ETV serials in our website and kindly subscribe comment and share our site for more Tv content update.

Abhishekam Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E3178 – Part1 : Part2 -20th Mar

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E3130-Part1 : Part2 -23rd Jan
E3129-Part1 : Part2 -22nd Jan
E3128-Part1 : Part2 -21st Jan
E3127-Part1 : Part2 -19th Jan
E3126-Part1 : Part2 -18th Jan
E3125-Part1 : Part2 -17th Jan
E3124-Part1 : Part2 -16th Jan
E3123-Part1 : Part2 -15th Jan

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