Mogali Rekulu Daily Serial – E1366 – Story Update

Posted : May 13, 2013 at 3:27 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Episode 1366 – May 22nd Story Update:

Part 1:

Selva shakes Paati and she wakes up weakly. Selva reprimands her about leaving home without telling anyone and asks her to come home and asks Shankar to inform everyone that she is found. Paati says she won’t come home until Dharma come and says either he should come or she should die. Selva scolds her for being so stubborn. But Paati doesn’t agree to move even a bit and lies down again. Mahi calls Selva and Selva say about Paati being so stubborn and asks him if he will talk. Mahi says he will call back in a while and hangs up.

Selva waits for his call and after few mins Mahi calls back and says he put everyone in conference call and asks to on the speaker mode. Selva does and Mahi asks Paati about coming back. Meanwhile Devi says that she won’t get sreemantham done until she come back and won’t even eat and everyone else start repeating the same and at last Muniyamma too. Paati gets up saying shut up silly woman.

Part 2:

Mahi says to come back silently. Paati says this is blackmail. Devi says they all mean it and that they panicked since morning that she is missing. Durga and Eshwar too repeat the same. Paati gets emotional for their care and agrees to come back home.

Selva brings Paati home and Eshwar, Durga, Sindhu and Pallavi go running to her and hug her. Devi too hugs Paati. Paati thinks that all these kids did all this for her and feels happy. Mahi in tamil says if Paati did all this one more time he wouldn’t spare her. Paati caressing him says she got it and hugs him. Satya, Shanti, Keerthana see this from upstairs.

They take Paati in and she seeing Shanti asks how she is. Shanti says she is fine and asks her to sit. They all sit down in the hall.

Part 3:

Rajani asks Paati to take rest but Paati says seeing the kids’ love on her, it’s like getting a rebirth and that she understood now how an iota of love brings back loads of it. She says that she understood that love gives love and similarly hate gives hate. Mahi sitting beside Paati says her to be happy as she changed now. Paati says she changed coz of him the very moment when she knew that Mahi saved Selva despite knowing that he became an orphan due to them Devi and Shanti look at Mahi in appreciation. Paati continues that Sindhu and Pallavi too taught her what love is.

Paati asks Keerthana and Sindhu not to worry about Dharma saying they are very good people and doesn’t know anything except giving love and if Dharma didn’t come, God doesn’t exist and assures them that God will surely bring Dharma. Keerthana and Sindhu look at each other with hope.

Next morning… Ali, Anji, Mohan, Durga, Eshwar, Sindhu, Anju keep making arrangements for Devi’s sreemantham having fun among themselves. Eshwar sits in the chair brought for Devi and Durga and others start throwing flowers at Eshwar as if it’s his function and Eshwar keeps pushing them away laughing.

Pallavi and Rajani get Devi ready. Screen freezes on Devi.

Coming up:
Devi coming down for the function.


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