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‘Most handsome man in the world’

Posted : February 7, 2020 at 3:48 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

In 2019, it was popular model Bella Hadid, who was chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world by the Daily Mail paper and this year, among male actors, it is Twilight hero, Robert Pattinson. Robert tops among all other handsome heroes, emerging as a winner in the comparison based on science.

The British newspaper, The Daily Mail, has now declared Robert Pattinson as is “the most handsome man in the world.” It is selected with the help of cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva, who bases it on the “science” of the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. The science behind it is nothing but calculating the features with the help of mathematical formulas and determining the physical perfection reportedly adapted from the “golden ratio” artists and architects used during the European Renaissance to map out their masterpieces.

The measurements of the face will be first taken and calculate it by measuring the face length, the length of an ear is equal to the length the nose, and the width of an eye is equal to the distance between the eyes. Pattinson was found to be 92.15% “accurate” to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. Pattinson was compared with other actors and he came closest to the ratio of perfection. After Pattinson, next comes Henry Cavill (91.64%), Bradley Cooper (91.08%), Brad Pitt (90.51%) and George Clooney (89.91%).