Vidya Vasula Aham Official Trailer | Rahul Vijay,Shivani Rajashekar | Manikanth Gelli |Kalyani Malik

Posted : May 15, 2024 at 5:44 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Vidya Vasula Aham Official Trailer | Rahul Vijay,Shivani Rajashekar | Manikanth Gelli |Kalyani Malik

Jacqueline Talks About The Bad Advice She Got Early Days!

Posted : May 23, 2024 at 8:52 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Jacqueline Fernandez, a prominent figure in Bollywood known for her captivating beauty, recently opened up about her experiences in the film industry. In a candid interview with Brut at the Cannes Film Festival, Fernandez shed light on the challenges she faced and the questionable advice she received.

Despite her undeniable beauty, Fernandez, a Sri Lankan actress who has graced the silver screen for over 15 years, acknowledged a recent decline in film offers. The interview delved deeper, revealing the limiting advice she was given early on in her career. An unnamed actor suggested she focus solely on maintaining her appearance, implying that beauty was the key to success. Fernandez, however, strongly disagreed with this notion.

Ageism and Unrealistic Expectations: Fernandez further discussed an unsettling suggestion to alter her age on her passport as she approached 30. She countered this by highlighting the positive shift in the industry, where actresses are thriving at all stages of their careers.

Pressures of Conformity: The actress also opened up about the constant pressure to conform to specific beauty standards. She revealed being advised to get a nose job, something she never considered due to her self-acceptance. These experiences highlight the superficiality that can sometimes plague the industry.

Navigating the Industry: Fernandez also acknowledged her initial struggles due to her lack of acting experience and knowledge of the industry’s inner workings. She expressed the difficulties she faced in navigating the complex world of filmmaking and its various personalities.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of artistic merit beyond physical appearance. Her experiences highlight the need for a more inclusive and age-diverse film industry that values talent and artistry.

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Samantha Says, “I wanna See You Win”. But To Whom?

Posted : May 22, 2024 at 3:10 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a leading Tollywood actress, has emerged as a source of inspiration after overcoming significant health challenges in the past year. Her journey of resilience has resonated with many, and she has chosen to share her experiences through a podcast. As anticipation builds for the release of her upcoming web series “Honey Bunny,” a recent Instagram post has sparked speculation among fans.

The post featured an image with the text “I wanna see you win,” accompanied by a motivational caption: “Whatever your heart desires, Whatever aspirations you hold, I am rooting for you. You are deserving of victory.” While the intended recipient of this message remains unclear, a wave of excitement swept through Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans, interpreting it as a rallying cry for their team’s victory in a crucial IPL eliminator match against the Rajasthan Royals.

The comments section overflowed with enthusiastic RCB fans chanting their team slogan, “Ee Saala Cup Namde” (This year the cup is ours). However, others believe the post transcends the IPL, representing a broader message of encouragement from Samantha.

The ambiguity surrounding the post’s true meaning adds another layer to Samantha’s evolving persona. Having emerged stronger from personal struggles, she is now inspiring others while strategically focusing on upcoming Bollywood projects. Only Samantha herself can clarify the true intent behind the post, but one thing remains certain – her words have struck a chord with fans and well-wishers alike.

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